I am in the process of changing the instrument panel in my Velocity SEFG from steam gauges to a G3X system.   To help fund the modifications, I am parting out the old instrument panel. The plane had 285 hours tach time and everything was working prior to being removed in May 2016. The following items are for sale.

Complete vacuum system removed fro Lyc IO-360 (List price $818 from ASS)


Rapco RA215CC vacuum pump with fittings, gauge, regulator w/new garter filter, filter (new), and various lengths of the blue vacuum hose (not shown).

Sigmatek (Vacuum Driven) Directional Gyro, Model 4000B-30, P/N 1U262-002-39

(List price $1213 from ASS)


3 1/8” United / Mid-Continent VSI 

+ 3000 fpm, not back lit

Cant find this on ASS’ website.  United, UMA and Falcon run around $200

Sigmatek (Vacuum Driven) Attitude Gyro, Model 5000B-36, P/N 23-501-06-16

(List price $1250 new or factory overhauled instrument $685 from ASS with core exchange)


3 1/8” United / Mid-Continent Altimeter

-1000 - 35,000’, not back lit

Cant find this on ASS’ website.  Similar to United 35k standard which lists for $1300

3 1/8” Falcon Airspeed Indicator  Model ASIT210N-3L

40 Kts to 210Kts, with TAS, backlit

Cant find this on ASS’ website.  Falcon is similar and lists for $300

Davtron 2 1/4” Digital Clock, Volt Meter, OAT, with keep alive battery (PMA’d)

List price $450 from ASS


I really liked this gauge.

Positec Oil Cooler  Model P20002B

Removed from my Long EZ after 80 hours of service... replaced in same location with the uber-efficient

Niagra Oil cooler.... there was no difference what so ever... just as the charts showed.  I was really

steamed about this since I was garunteed a 10C drop in oil temps.  Instead I got a $500 drop in cash.  At that point I left it in the plane and now have the Positec for sale.

Items For Sale

Slick 4250 non-impulse magneto for Lyc O-320, with harness and gear.  Recent yellow tag (recent in hours... just had it for spare).  Mag had about 100 hours on it and the leads before being replaced with a Pmag.  A new one with exchange runs over $1000 and a rebuilt one is $750 (not including the harness and gear)

ACS A510-2 Key Switch - New in box, never installed

ASS list price $138


Warner Linear Actuator with position feed back.  Installed and removed - Never flown

Model SP12-17A8-04, 12v with a 4” stroke, 75 lbs load rated

Apollo SL15M Audio Panel

Can provide the tray and connectors to go with it

Complete VM1000 System

These units are end of life... However, if you have one, you might want to have a spare for it.  Comes

with the engine computer, display, dual fuel gauge and EC100.  I have about 15’ of the ribbon cable as well since the the computer was back on the firewall and the display was up front.  I’ll furnish the Engine CPU as well (not shown - still bolted in).

UMA Electroluminescent Instrument Light Bezels (Blue)

These retail for about $60 each (on average) from ASS.


7 wedges and I have 2 left over from my LongEZ build.  I left the wiring attached to the voltage

regulator.  All you have to do is install the wedges and attach to ship power and ground.  Leads are there for dimmer box.